The College Boy — Stanley Robertson

CD Cover, The College Boy, Stanley Roberston recordingDouble CD, £16.00, available from the Online Store

This double CD, subtitled 'family gems and jewels from the Traveller tradition', brings together thirty-five of Stanley Robertson's best ballads and songs, some well known, many quite rare. Recorded over the last few years of Stanley's life, the songs range from tragic classics to humorous songs. The CD booklet contains full lyrics and notes to the songs.

Rum Scum Scoosh! — Stanley Robertson

Double CD, £16.00, (Currently unavailable)

Rum Scum Scoosh! CD coverThe album faithfully presents the rich culture of Stanley Robertson's childhood absorbed from the home, in the playground and on the street. This double CD features seventy-eight songs, jingles and rhymes, grouped under nineteen headings, plus eight superbly told stories. As Keyworker for the Heritage Lottery-funded project on the oral and cultural traditions of Scottish Travellers, Stanley visited many schools, where he sang songs, told stories, and talked about the rich cultural traditions upheld by Scottish Travellers. The CD album was recorded in response to many requests he had that he should record his own childlore and that of his family. The CD booklet contains full lyrics and notes to the songs.

Binnorrie — Elizabeth Stewart

Double CD, £16.00, available from the Online Store
Binnorrie CD cover

Elizabeth Stewart, from Mintlaw, is one of Scotland's foremost ballad singers who learnt her art from her family, especially her aunt, Lucy Stewart (1901-1982).  She is a member of the Fetterangus Stewarts, a family steeped in the oral traditions of the Travelling People. Elizabeth is a gifted player of Scottish traditional music on the piano and, like her mother Jean, led a country-dance band from her teens.

This double CD, produced by Alison McMorland, features twenty-seven of Elizabeth's finest songs and ballads, plus four delightful sets of tunes. The CD booklet contains full lyrics and notes to the songs.