Are you considering undertaking a research project here in Grampian but don't know where to start? Have you done research before but feel a little rusty on the approvals process?

The Research Governance Team and the NHSG R&D department have created a new range of leaflets in order to help guide researchers through all aspects of healthcare research. The Research in Grampian (RIGR) leaflets describe each process in an easy to follow format that is suitable for all researchers regardless of their experience.

The list below details the leaflets that are currently available. More leaflets will be added in due course.

  • RIGR Leaflet 1:   Guidance for New Researchers       
  • RIGR Leaflet 2:   Training Guide for Researchers                                                                        
  • RIGR Leaflet 3:   Who Covers the Costs? NHS or Grant?
  • RIGR Leaflet 4:   Protocol Peer Review
  • RIGR Leaflet 5:   Safe Havens and Data Linkage
  • RIGR Leaflet 6:   Sponsorship: What is it? How to Apply?
  • RIGR Leaflet 7:   Hints and Tips for Completing an IRAS Application
  • RIGR Leaflet 8:   Research Registers: Why We Should Go Public
  • RIGR Leaflet 9:   Research Ethics Committees
  • RIGR Leaflet 10: Research Passports
  • RIGR Leaflet 11: R&D and Multicentre Approvals
  • RIGR Leaflet 12: Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs)
  • RIGR Leaflet 13: Avoiding the Pitfalls in Healthcare Research
  • RIGR Leaflet 14: Amendments
  • RIGR Leaflet 15: Sample Storage in Freezers
  • RIGR Leaflet 16: Advertising for Participants
  • RIGR Leaflet 17: When to Involve a Statistician in your Research
  • RIGR Leaflet 18: Research, Audit or Service Evaluation?
  • RIGR Leaflet 19: Source Documents and Data in Healthcare Research

If you would like a copy of a leaflet, please email with your address and a hard copy will be sent out to you.