The University of Aberdeen Career Mentoring Programme is a 6-month partnership between current students and graduates.  Students are matched with professionals who are willing to share their experience and expertise and mentor you in developing your own careers ideas.

Mentors provide you with the benefit of their own experience in a particular profession or employment area.

I have yet to find a book that will teach you all you need to know about breaking into the employment world - that is a luxury we don't have. What we do have is a dedicated Mentoring Programme, run by a team of passionate individuals, who set up connections and build bridges and probably do more leg work that you can imagine to create opportunities. It's up to you how much you want to push yourself with these opportunities, but this programme is a safe place for learning how to break down the barriers to employment and for asking the questions about your career that you might not even have realised you had.

Catriona J. Wood, 2nd Year, LLB(Hons) (with options in Music)

2018/19 Session

The Career Mentoring Programme will be running in the 2018/19 academic year:

  Medicine Stream General Stream Law Stream Engineering Stream Biosciences Research Stream
Length of programme 6 months, June to November 2018 6 months, November to April 2018-19
Who is eligible? Medical students about the enter their 3rd or 4th year of the MBChB degree programme* All undergraduate and taught postgraduates* All undergraduate and taught postgraduate law students only* All undergraduate and taught postgraduate engineering students only*

All undergraduate and taught postgraduate students of these subjects who wish to pursue postgraduate study and a potential career within academia / research*

*You must, however, be a registered student for the entire length of the mentoring period.
Information sessions



Application Link Applications now closed

Applications for the 2018-19 session are currently closed.

CV Workshop n/a


Applications close Friday 18th May TBC
Introductory workshops

Wednesday 13th June, 1.30-2.30, Foresterhill*


*PLEASE NOTE: The introductory workshop is for successful candidates only.

The programme offers many employability benefits including opportunities to:

  • learn about a particular profession or employment area
  • talk to a professional in his/her work place
  • gain an 'insider's guide' to job hunting and the application process
  • develop professional networks and meet people
  • increase knowledge and confidence

Successful participation in the Career Mentoring Programme will be included in your Enhanced Transcript as a University recognised activity.

Getting into the Career Mentoring Programme was a gift to me. The insights I gained into my chosen field in engineering, working as an international and professional development have been unmatched to this day. If you are looking for something extra to give you the edge in your career development, I would highly recommend you join the Programme

Edifon Udoh, MSc Subsea Engineering

Get Involved

All current University of Aberdeen undergraduate and taught postgraduate students are welcome to apply but you must be a registered student for the full duration of the programme.

There are now five streams for the Career Mentoring Programme:

  • General (for students of all degree subjects)
  • Law (specifically for law students)
  • Engineering (specifically for engineering students)
  • Biosciences Research (for students of these subjects who wish to pursue postgraduate study and a potential career within academia/research)
  • Medicine (specifically for medical students about the enter their 4th year of the MBChB degree programme)

Why are there five different Streams?

When the Programme was introduced in 2011, there was only one stream, General. We had planned, however, to introduce subject-specific streams and, due to student demand, Law, Engineering, Biosciences Research and Medicine streams have been introduced.

What does the Programme involve?

The Programme involves matching students with a suitable mentor.

If matched on the programme, it is your responsibility to:

  • Prepare fully for involvement in the programme
  • Attend an introductory and a mid-programme workshop
  • Commit to all types of contact, ie face-to-face (in person or via Skype/ FaceTime) and via phone, email or virtually
  • Take the lead in arranging, keeping track of and recording any actions from your contact
  • Provide feedback to the Careers Service and/or Alumni Relations Office about the programme

The programme does not guarantee a work placement or future graduate employment.

Where are the mentors based?

The mentors are based mainly in the UK, but not all will be in Aberdeen. If matched with a mentor elsewhere in the UK or elsewhere internationally, your contact with your mentor will be primarily via online facilities.

How long does the Career Mentoring Programme last?

The programme runs for a 6-month period during the academic year.

What is the application process?

You apply via an online application form, attaching a CV.

How are current students matched to mentors?

Potential matches are made based on the information you provide on your application form and CV. The mentors also provide information for the matching process.

You will be sent an email informing you if you have been matched or not.

Please note that mentoring opportunities are allocated on a competitive basis. Priority may be given to students who show that they have already begun to develop a career plan.

Unsuccessful applicants may request for their details to be held on file and considered for a mentoring place in a subsequent academic year.

How much time would I spend taking part in the Programme?

Based on past experience, you should set aside approximately 1-2 hours a month to take part in the Programme. Try not to let time pass with no contact at all. The more time you put in, the more you will get out of the Programme.

Do mentors have placements or graduate jobs available as part of the Programme?

No! The Programme does not guarantee a work placement or future graduate employment. The Programme is not a job referral network.

Can I take part in the Programme several times?

No, due to the competitive nature of the Programme, you can only take part once.

Further Information

If you have read the Career Mentoring information but have further questions please contact the Career Mentoring Team on mentor@abdn.ac.uk, 01224 273601.