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Careers Resources

There are many external websites that offer free practice exercises for psychometric and personality tests. We have listed a selection of these below. For psychometric tests we would particularly recommend Assessment Day as it has free exercises for the majority of the different types of test that you may face (for example, numerical, verbal, inductive reasoning and situation judgement). For personality tests, we would particularly recommend Personality Max which will generate a detailed, personalised report, including personality type, multiple intelligences, learning styles and brain hemispheres.

Practice Psychometric Tests

Assessment Day

Free practice exercises for a wide range of psychometric tests, including Numerical, Verbal, Inductive Reasoning and Situational Judgement.

Personality Max - free personality tests

Free online tests - personality types, multi intelligences, learning styles and left/right brain.

Holland Code Career Test

This free test asks you a series of questions to identify your strongest career interest among six occupational themes: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (a.k.a. RIASEC). At the end you will be presented with a list of suggested careers based on your interest profile. The Careers Service recommends that in addition to using this test you also complete the Personality Max personality test which is a more comprehensive test with greater analysis of your results. You can access this test at

16 Personalities

Free online personality test based predominantly on type theory.

Resources for preparing for Numeracy Tests

The link below will take you to a list of recommended resources for preparing to take numeracy tests.

Resources for preparing for Situational Judgement Tests

The link below will take you to a page listing websites that provide free Situational Judgement Tests.

The Online Test Centre

Free practice exercises for a wide range of psychometric test, including numeracy, data interpretation, numerical reasoning, analytical reasoning, verbal reasoning and logical.

Free Practice Aptitude Tests (JobTestPrep)

Free practice tests for a wide range of aptitude/ psychometric tests.

PwC Online Applications and Assessments E-learn

This resource aims to give you an insight into the online assessments that employers, such as PwC, use for selecting candidates onto their graduate programmes. There are example questions to allow you to become familiar with different types of assessment.

Free practice tests for a wide range of psychometric tests, including verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and situational judgement.

Psychometric Success

Information about psychometric testing and links to free practice tests.

Test Partnership

Free practice tests for Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Critical Thinking and Situational Judgement.

SHL Direct

Selection procedures & practice test material including online practice tests.

Free practice tests for numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning.

Cut-e/ Aon psychometric tests (AssessmentDay)

This article explains what Cut-e/ Aon tests involve and how to approach answering them. There is also a free Cut-e inductive-logic test as well as free mini tests.

The Complete Guide to Psychometric Tests (Practice Reasoning)

Information on the various types of psychometric test used by employers in their recruitment procedures. There are also links to free tests for numerical, verbal and inductive reasoning.

Practice Capp assessments

Capp provide psychometric testing services to companies looking to assess candidates in their recruitment process. Their website has practice questions for Situational Strengths, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and Critical Reasoning.

This website provides free practice Wonderlic Tests - a type of cognitive test similar to an IQ test. The Wonderlic is short at only 50 questions and takes 12 minutes to complete the test. The test is designed to have an average score of 20/50, so in order to do well questions must be answered quickly and correctly. It is often used by employers to screen applicants.

This website offers free online IQ tests and is designed to be a fun way to test your intelligence and learn more about various IQ tests and their histories. There are multiple free IQ tests, including a quick 25 question test as well as a full IQ test.

TechTest - free psychometric tests

Free practice tests for a wide range of psychometric tests, including Logical Reasoning, Financial Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning, Situational Judgement and Verbal Reasoning. The tests are aimed at careers in Technology but would also be useful for other sectors.

Basic Guide to Passing the Watson Glaser with free practice test

The Watson Glaser test is often used by law firms for assessing a candidate's critical thinking skills. This guide has advice on preparing for the test and there is a link to a free test.

Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (Assessment Day)

Information on what the test involves and a link to a free critical thinking test. - free Watson Glaser test

Free timed Watson Glaser test. To access the test click on the link below and scroll to the end of the next page.

NHS STP Aptitude Test online preparation (Practice4Me)

Information on what the test involves and advice on how to prepare. There are also some free practice questions.

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