There are many tools you can access to help you make career choices. Here are a selection of them, but you can also discuss this with the Careers Adviser for your subject by making an appointment.

Career Choice

Mini Career Course: Job market research

Understanding the job market and opportunities in different sectors and locations is an important part of career planning and decision making. This mini career course gives an insight into the type of information available to you and how it can help inform your next steps.

Free online practice Psychometric and Personality Tests (only accessible to University of Aberdeen students and graduates)

The link below will take you to the page on the Careers Service website where you can access free Psychometric and Personality Tests. You will be required to enter your university username and password to access the test. If you are a University of Aberdeen graduate, please email and the links will be sent to you.

Prospects Planner Online Career Planning Tool

Online tool, designed specifically for HE, which can help you to explore what careers are suitable for you.

Decision making tool

If you are considering a range of job types and would like to assess them against your personal career aims and priorities, this tool can give you a great starting point. The tool will take you through the process step-by-step.

Skills Health Check Tool - Directgov Careers Advice

Use the Skills Health Check to find out about the skills and abilities you have, and how they can help you get the job you want. Follow the step by step instructions below to learn more about yourself.

Holland Code Career Test

This free test asks you a series of questions to identify your strongest career interest among six occupational themes: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (a.k.a. RIASEC). At the end you will be presented with a list of suggested careers based on your interest profile. The Careers Service recommends that in addition to using this test you also complete the Profiling For Success personality test which is a more comprehensive test with greater analysis of your results. You can access this test at

Tiny Bite video: Job market research

Find out how to use web resources to research employment sectors and the labour market.

Tiny Bite video: Finding careers and employability resources on the Careers website

Did you know we house over 2500 career-related resources on our website? From where to start with career planning to specific sector recruitment processes, our website provides the perfect starting point for researching your options. Watch this video for more detail on our resources and how to find them.

Personality Max - free personality tests

Free online tests - personality types, multi intelligences, learning styles and left/right brain.

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