Careers Resources

Careers Resources

The resources we have for hospitality and events management are quite different so please search under hospitality or events management for our suggested websites and resources.

Hospitality and Events Management

Prospects - Hospitality and Events Management

Information on career roles within the Hospitality sector.

Target Jobs - Hospitality, Leisure and Travel

Information about graduate jobs in hospitality, leisure and tourism: how to find work experience, the skills and qualifications you need, the areas you can work in and more.

Hospitality and Events Management

This book provides an overview of career opportunities in the Hospitality and Events Management sector. There are also case studies as well as advice on the skills required to be successful. The book can be borrowed from the Careers Service library.

  • Author: Rose Miller & Camilla Zajac
  • Published: 2011

You will find this book in the Careers Service library on the second floor of the Hub.

Class of 2008 case study: Sarah Paget (History and International Relations graduate)

Read how the 2008 financial crash affected the career journey this History and International Relations graduate and their advice for students graduating in tough economic conditions.