Health Care and Psychology

Skills for Health

Contains details of apprenticeship schemes as well as latest job vacancies.

Health Professions Council (HPC)

Search for approved courses.

NHS Scotland recruitment

Latest vacancies in NHS Scotland.

Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland

Information on how health and social care is organised in Northern Ireland.

A Career for You in the NHS

A short directory of careers within the NHS, with details of the work involved, entry requirements and contact details. It is available for reference-use from the Careers Library.

  • Author: NHS Careers
  • Published: 2008

You will find this book in the Careers Service library on the second floor of the Hub.

Step into the NHS

This is an excellent site for finding out about careers in the healthcare sector. You can take a free personality test to discover which roles would suit you best and explore types of work through case studies and video clips.

Careers in Healthcare: A Guide to Working in Voluntary Organisations

Information on the benefits of working in Healthcare roles in the voluntary sector. The guide contains detailed case studies of people working in these roles and profiles of organisations you could work for.

Skills for Health - labour market report (England)

Detailed labour market information for the Healthcare sector in England, including pay scales, entry requirements, work experience opportunities and application processes.

Binley's Directory of NHS Management

Useful reference book for finding contact details of NHS organisations, hospitals and healthcare interest groups. Available for reference use in the Careers Service.

  • Published: 2012

You will find this book in the Careers Service library on the second floor of the Hub.

Investing in People for Health and Healthcare: workforce plan for England

Guide produced by Health Education England (HEE) detailing increases in NHS training places for a variety of career roles, including physician associates.


If you are interested in careers in science, financial services, engineering, software and games, this website allows you to research employers and apply for latest vacancies.

BMJ Careers

Search for current opportunities in the healthcare sector, including hospital jobs, GP vacancies and university/ research positions. There are also articles with advice on career options.

Health Careers

Website with detailed information on more than 350 roles in health, a number of real-life stories and videos, as well as a comprehensive course finder which lists more than 1000 courses leading to eligibility for professional registration.

National Institute for Health Research

The goal of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is to create a health research system in which the NHS supports outstanding individuals, working in world class facilities, conducting leading edge research focused on the needs of patients and the public. They provide support to people working in this sector with their professional development, including careers advice, mentoring and leadership development opportunities.

Careers in NHS Wales

Information on career options with NHS Wales.

Nuffield Health: Nursing Events

A listing of forthcoming events and conferences for enhancing your understanding of careers in the medical field and developing your skills.

Finding work experience in the NHS

Guide providing information and resources for finding work experience within the NHS in England.