Visa information for working in the UK

Visa information for working in the UK

If you are planning to stay in the UK after you have completed your studies, you will need to apply for a new visa and/or find sponsorship through an employer.

There are a number of different options. We have given an overview of the most common - together with advice on how to find a job in the UK - in our mini course. Make sure you understand which visa options could apply to you and any requirements for each of the visa routes.

Start-up visa

The University of Aberdeen is currently a sponsor for this visa route. If you would like to find out more about the process, then make sure you start the process early on. You can download our guide which gives you information on the full application process.

There are many ways to develop your enterprise and entrepreneurship at the University of Aberdeen and beyond. Make sure you engage fully if you want to consider this visa option.