Current ABDN Internships

Current ABDN Internships

ABDN Internships - Summer 2024


  • 14 May: Applications open
  • 26 May: Applications close
  • 4 June: Online interview
  • 12 June: Onboarding session (online)
  • 17 June: Internships start
  • 9 August: Internships end

Opportunities available

This is a unique opportunity to make a difference for an organisation by undertaking a virtual internship for an 8-week period for 10 hours per week. This means you can be based anywhere in the world for the length of the internship. Successful applicants will work alongside a team of up to four fellow University of Aberdeen students on a project required by the organisation.  All projects are based around the University's strategic aims of being Inclusive, International and Sustainable.

These are paid opportunities exclusive to University of Aberdeen students.  All interns will work on the project for a total of 80 hours paid at the real living wage (£12 per hour).  The following exciting projects are available:

Project 1 – Alzheimer Scotland

Alzheimer Scotland, the leading dementia organization in Scotland, is seeking a group of interns to support their commitment to sustainability and carbon reduction in alignment with Scotland's 2045 net zero emissions target. This role involves collaborating internally to promote sustainable practices across their various centres and offices, aiding the Head of Safety, Health, and Wellbeing. Key responsibilities include developing an educational resource pack for Green Champions, conducting a scoping exercise to identify and share best sustainability practices, and performing a competitor analysis to adopt effective strategies from other third sector organizations. The ideal candidates are passionate about sustainability, independent, communicative, and enjoy researching and implementing innovative ideas.

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Project 2 – Huntly Development Trust

Huntly Development Trust (HDT) seeks to develop a robust yet resource-efficient methodology to measure and communicate the impact of its initiatives in enhancing the town of Huntly and its surrounding area. This project aims to support HDT’s strategic planning, community communication, and future funding efforts, enhancing the organization's ability to demonstrate its value effectively.

This project involves planning, researching existing impact assessment models, and creating clear, actionable guides, checklists, and templates for regular use. The interns will manage the project's progression, test the resources for usability, and gather stakeholder feedback. The final deliverables include a comprehensive methodology for impact measurement, a visually appealing report of the initial assessment, and detailed documentation of the entire process.

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Project 3 – REAP Scotland

REAP Scotland is seeking a group of interns to develop a comprehensive sustainable development blueprint aimed at addressing the challenges faced by rural communities in Moray, such as poverty, inequality, affordable energy, and climate change. This project involves conducting extensive research on sustainability practices, analysing existing frameworks, and reviewing REAP's corporate ethos to identify gaps and recommend new aims. The team will create clear, actionable guides, checklists, and templates for sustainability practices, ensuring they are user-friendly and engaging. Key deliverables include a detailed development plan for REAP, a blueprint for Moray’s sustainable future, project ideas, and a communication strategy to promote the blueprint. The project will enhance the intern's skills in research, critical thinking, content creation, project management, collaboration, sustainability literacy, data analysis, creativity, presentation, communication strategy development, and stakeholder engagement.

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Project 4 – Asset ONE

Asset One Partners LLP, an asset management consultancy firm with offices in the UK and UAE, is seeking a group of interns to integrate sustainability and inclusiveness into their asset management framework. The project aims to align asset management with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to provide value throughout the asset life cycle. Key tasks include researching sustainability practices, developing user-friendly guides and resources, mapping sustainability elements onto the asset management framework, and identifying examples of successful integrations by other organizations. The team will also create a communication strategy and gather stakeholder feedback. This project offers the interns experience in research, critical thinking, content creation, project management, collaboration, sustainability literacy, data analysis, creativity, presentation, communication strategy development, and stakeholder engagement.

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Project 5 – Granite City Brass Band

Granite City Brass Band, Aberdeen’s longest-established community-based musical society, seeks a group of interns to help devise and implement a promotional strategy for its 175th anniversary in 2025. This project involves creating online activities and events, developing plans to launch a new junior band to increase local brass band presence, and identifying fundraising opportunities to support these initiatives. Key tasks include project planning, researching best practices for maintaining amateur cultural organizations, generating content for online marketing, crafting a communication strategy to reach diverse audiences, and setting interim targets and KPIs to measure success and ensure project continuity.

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All current students on a degree programme, regardless of year or subject of study (including undergraduate and postgraduate) are eligible to apply. Please note that you must be a registered student for the duration of the internship, therefore graduating students are not eligible. 

Students who have been successful in securing an ABDN Internship this academic year already are not eligible to apply.

If you are unsure about your eligibility then please e-mail

How to apply

Applicants can apply through CareerConnect and will have the opportunity to rank the projects in order of preference.