North East of Scotland Careers Fair image

What is the North East of Scotland Careers Fair?

The North East Scotland Careers Fair is a virtual careers event for all graduate job sectors and further study. The event is run collaboratively by the University of Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University and the University of Dundee and is open to all students and graduates. Attending the fair will offer you an outstanding opportunity to meet employers and universities and find out about graduate jobs, internships and further study courses. There are over 60 organisations attending this event.

When is the fair happening?

Thursday 28th October 2021, 11.00am-4.00pm

How will it work?

The fair will take place virtually using the Handshake system. Attending the event will allow you to:

  • Read promotional test written by exhibiting organisations which will provide details of the jobs, placements, courses and training they offer
  • Book and attend 1-1 appointments with exhibitor representatives
  • Attend group sessions delivered by exhibitors

What do you need to access the fair?

  • Computer or laptop with internet connection and speaker, webcam & microphone.
  • Internet browser: we recommend Google Chrome or Firefox 

What organisations are attending the fair?

  • Over 60 organisations are attending. To view the up-to-date list visit the virtual fair site.

What do I need to do in advance of the event?

Questions to ask at the fair

  • Ask questions which show you have done some research about the organisation already. Organisations expect you to already know about who they are and the type of opportunities they offer.
  • Speaking to trainees: trainees are usually represented and will often be recent graduates. They will have been through the selection process recently. You might want to ask the following:
    • How did you find the selection process? • What kinds of experience did you gain prior to applying? • Did you get a work experience placement?  What was it like? • What would you recommend I do to help me to prepare for the interview? • If you were a student again, what (if anything) would you do differently having been through the process? 
  • Speaking to HR/Recruitment Managers/Partners: since there will be a variety of representatives from the organisation, it’s good to find out who you are talking to first so that you can ask appropriate questions. The following questions will hopefully give you some ideas: 
    • How many vacancies do you have for [insert year]? • What makes an application stand out from the crowd? • How would you recommend I prepare for an interview? • Your website states that you are looking for [insert skill/competency], what kinds of experience can be good for developing and demonstrating this skill? 
  • Some final points: ask questions you genuinely want to find the answer to, smile and try to be yourself and don’t just rely on the questions suggested above – these are just to get you thinking!