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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

About KTPs

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) scheme is available to support UK businesses wishing to access the knowledge and expertise within UK Universities in order to improve some aspect of their business. The University of Aberdeen has ben involved with many KTPs and you can have confidence in our experience.

Transforming your business

Any company can apply.  Your project needs to have the potential to transform your business.   An academic partner will provide the expertise and knowledge required to deliver the project with an associate working to help bring your plans to life.  The associate will work on your site to deliver the project which could mean anything from introducing new products to changing the company's direction.

Academic support 

At least one academic will have been nominated to supervise the associate and form part of the team that will deliver the project.  The academic has the intellectual firepower to guide and advise your associate whenever required.   They're a vital part of your team and project.

Funding your project 

Your project can last between 12 months and 3 years.   If you're a SME, funding will cover two-thirds of the project costs, leaving an average of around £33,000 a year for your company to pay.  If you're part of a larger company, funding will cover around half of the project cost, leaving an average of £50,000 a year to pay.   That's great value. Evidence shows that businesses who invest in R&D grow twice as fast and have higher exports compared to non-innovators.

Working with the University of Aberdeen

Businesses interested in working with the University of Aberdeen under the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships scheme are advised to contact the North of Scotland KTP Centre, or the University of Aberdeen Research & Innovation office.


Scotia Biologics is an immuno-technology specialist contract research company, developing vaccines and bespoke antibodies to a diverse customer base including academic institutions, biotechnology and pharma companies. With the Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre, Scotia Biologics recently started a KTP to develop, optimise and commercialise two novel antibodies for use as flow cytometry reagents, improving the current methods for the analysis of cell death.


MeyGen Limited was established in 2010 solely for the development of the Inner Sound tidal site.  They are currently working with the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Aberdeen to transfer and apply the knowledge and techniques developed in the FLOWBEC project for environmental monitoring around tidal turbines to the Inner Sound development.

Aberdeen City Council is a Local Authority whose vision is for Aberdeen to be an ambitious, achieving, smart city.  They are currently working with the School of Education and Business at the University of Aberdeen to develop and embed a digital observatory capability designed to facilitate file/data sharing in support of partners, performance monitoring, policy planning and research functions.

ANM Group Limited is the largest farmer owned co-operative in Scotland and has recently been awarded a KTP partnership to work in conjunction with the University of Aberdeen, Business School to develop its digital presence and communications with the goal of better engagement and enhanced experience with members and customers ensuring sustainable business growth.