The Aberdeen Curtin Calgary Alliance

The Aberdeen Curtin Calgary Alliance

Bold, modern, industry and people-focused
Combining the strengths of three of the world’s leading universities.

The University of Aberdeen, Curtin University and the University of Calgary have formed a strategic alliance.

The University of Aberdeen has joined forces with two other world-leading universities to develop innovative solutions to tackle key global issues, including the need to ensure a just energy transition while tackling climate change and securing a sustainable future. The three universities are leading champions of the energy transition, and share mutual strengths and goals for a sustainable future. Through education and research, the Alliance seeks to work together in partnership to have a positive impact locally, nationally and globally.

Spanning three continents, the new Alliance will: 

  • Support local, national and global stakeholders in the delivery of a just energy transition and a sustainable future for the world.
  • Make a positive impact across the communities we serve.
  • Develop engaged, globally competent citizens by providing them with opportunities to study and research.

The Alliance will harness each university’s globally renowned expertise in research and teaching to focus on the key challenges facing our planet, by facilitating academic collaboration and encouraging student and staff exchange.

Researchers will collaborate across academic disciplines in areas including the energy transition, as well as artificial intelligence and health.

Building on the successful existing alliance between Curtin and Aberdeen, the new partnership will provide opportunities to develop joint research centres, collaborative academic programs including PhD training, and to promote links with industry.


  • University of Aberdeen: Mr. Vimal Subramanian, Lead International Governance Officer on  or Phone: +44 (0)1224 27 4103.
  • University of Calgary: Ms Andrea Lee Morrow, Director, Global Partnerships and Affairs on Email: or Phone: +1.403.220.7330