AUP Director

The Director of the Press is Professor Cairns Craig, Glucksman Professor of Irish and Scottish Studies at the University of Aberdeen. Professor Craig, who is a fellow of the British Academy and of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, has had a long involvement with publishing in Scotland. He was on the editorial board of the influential magazine Cencrastus in the 1980s, and managed Edinburgh Review after taking it over from Edinburgh University Press in 1998. He was on the press committee of Edinburgh University Press and edited the determinations series for Polygon, producing 20 titles between 1987 and 1997. He was also an editor of the Canongate Classics series in the 1990s, and served as a member of the Scottish Arts Council’s literature panel. He is general editor of the Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies and the Journal of Scottish Thought, and in charge of the publication of the Collected Works of Kenneth White, the first volume of which will be launched in 2015.


AUP Manager

The manager of the Press is Dr Sandra Hynes, whose PhD in History was on the history of Quakerism and whose current research centres on the issue of early-modern toleration. Dr Hynes oversees the typesetting, printing and distribution of the Press’s titles.