Tackling Climate Change

Tackling Climate Change

From Aberdeen to Tackling Climate Change - Rod LovieRod Lovie

MA (Hons) Countryside & Environmental Management, 1998
From Aberdeen to Tackling Climate Change

Your Time at Aberdeen

Why did you choose to study at Aberdeen?
Being a native of the North East of Scotland, it was an obvious choice. The University offered courses on sustainability and environmental management at a time when many other institutions did not.

Why did you choose your particular course?
I was interested in sustainability from a people or community perspective - rather than a ecological perspective. The course offered modules on aspects around human ecology and options to take human geography and environmental policy type courses.

What did you most enjoy about your time at Aberdeen? Did you have any particularly memorable student experiences?
The most enjoyable aspect of my studies was meeting so many different people - fellow students from all over the world, lecturers and staff who became firm friends.

If you were involved in any clubs and societies as a student, what did you enjoy most about them and what benefit do you think they have for students?
I was involved in numerous student societies. Socialising and meeting like-minded people was a key part of involvement. However, it also gave opportunities to network with other organisations outwith the University. We set up a Scots language society which influenced Government policy on attempts to promote and preserve the language.

If talking to a group of prospective students, what advice would you give them to help them make the most of their time at the University of Aberdeen?
Take some time to make friends from outside student circles. Aberdeen is a small city and getting to know some of its residents will make your stay more memorable.

Your Time After Aberdeen

What was the title of your first job after graduating from Aberdeen?
Project Assistant at Aberdeen Countryside Project.

What did your first role involve?
Practical and clerical support for environmental conservation partnership. Negotiations with landowners and stakeholders, and providing work site supervision and leadership of volunteers. Admin support and management of accounts.

What is your current job title?
Principal Climate Change Strategy Officer at Moray Council.

What is your current role?
Leading a team to deliver and monitor the Moray Council Climate Change Strategy. This involves the development and delivery of policy and actions within the Council as well as Moray-wide projects.

Please briefly describe the journey from your first job after graduating to where you are now.
For over two decades, I have worked with public, private, community, and academic institutions to deliver sustainable development projects, monitor sustainability, lead environmental research, and develop environmental science education.

Was your degree at Aberdeen essential for getting to where you are now? If so, in what way?
Yes - it was essential in giving me the skills and the confidence to pursue my career.

One Top Tip

Have confidence in your abilities. You know more than you know.