We want your help! The University of Aberdeen has educated generations of graduates who have changed the world and made outstanding contributions to their discipline, communities, societies, nations or the University itself.

For more than half a millennium, our alumni have been found in every walk of life—educators and artists, poets and playwrights, public servants and parliamentarians, serving society’s marginalised and disadvantaged, those seeking justice and equality, and those providing hope and healing. Still others are leading businesses that grow our economy, Nobel Prize winners who transformed scientific thinking in their time, skilled athletes, coaches and mentors performing at their peak of excellence. In short, Aberdeen alumni have built and continue to build a stronger Scotland and a better world.

We want to tell the story of the University of Aberdeen's 525 years by highlighting the achievements of 525 of our most outstanding or significant alumni from throughout our history. But whom should we include in our 525 Alumni Portraits?

Nominations for this project are now closed. For more information, please email alumni@abdn.ac.uk.