reunions-elphinstone lawnReunions are a great way to meet up with old friends, to reminisce about your days at the University of Aberdeen or to develop useful networks with fellow alumni.

A reunion can be based around class anniversaries, club and society memberships, room mates from halls or just a specially selected group of friends.

Organising a reunion can also be a very fun and useful experience for you. If you wish to organise a reunion, we can assist you with the planning and offer you a number of services, including the following:

  • Sending invitations out on your behalf
  • Advertise the reunion on our website, in the Voice magazine and in the bi-monthly e-zine Voice:E
  • Suggest appropriate venues in and around Aberdeen
  • Provide guests/speakers for your reunion
  • Provide connections to entertainment and event services (provided by students, e.g. AUSA Photography Society, Chaper Choir, etc.)
  • Display pictures and an accompanying story in Voice:E and on the website

Find out if your reunion is taking place soon in Events and Reunions.