AI and the Bomb: Nuclear Strategy and Risk in the Digital Age

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AI and the Bomb: Nuclear Strategy and Risk in the Digital Age

This is a past event

Will AI make accidental nuclear war more likely? If so, how might these risks be reduced? Dr James Johnson will be examining these questions during our online event on Wednesday 27 September from 4pm (BST)

This talk will directly connect with his latest book 'AI and the Bomb: Nuclear Strategy and Risk in the Digital Age' which provides a coherent, innovative, and multidisciplinary examination of the potential effects of AI technology on nuclear strategy and escalation risk.

The book addresses a gap in the international relations and strategic studies literature that considers how AI might influence nuclear security and future warfare. Its findings have significant theoretical and policy ramifications for using AI technology in the nuclear enterprise. AI and the Bomb advances an innovative theoretical framework to consider AI technology and atomic risk, drawing on insights from political psychology, neuroscience, computer science, and strategic studies.

This multidisciplinary study unpacks the seminal cognitive-psychological features of the Cold War-era scholarship, offering a novel explanation for why these matter for AI applications and nuclear strategic thinking, thus ensuring the research’s policy relevance and contribution to the literature that considers the impact of military force and technological change.

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Dr James Johnson