Marischal College in its Global & International Context, c. 1600-1860

Marischal College in its Global & International Context, c. 1600-1860

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Professor William Naphy will discuss the global and institutional history of Marischal College from its founding to the union of 1860. One key feature that distinguished Marischal from King’s College was that its matriculants and graduates were not only more numerous but much more likely to go abroad to ‘seek their fortune’

That track record is further evidenced by those Scots from the northeast who lived abroad who then preferred to enrol their sons at Marischal, rather than the elder, more internationally prestigious King’s. Thus, throughout most of the 250+ years where the two institutions co-existed in Aberdeen, Marischal became the one with the greatest link to, and impact on, the Scottish diaspora, British empire building, and the internationalisation of Aberdeen’s student community. What defined Marischal from its inception to the union of the two colleges in 1860 was its international student mobility, both in students leaving Marischal for a life abroad and for those coming to Aberdeen from the far corners not only of the British imperial world but even further afield.

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Professor William Naphy

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