Result of the Senior Governor Election

Voting in the election for the Senior Governor closed at 5pm Friday 7 May. The online vote was conducted independently by Civica Election Services.

The result is that Ms Julie Ashworth has been elected. The results are as follows:


1 to elect
George K YULE 392  
Graham FORBES 265  


  • Number of Voters: 22,388
  • Number of Votes Cast: 1,285
  • Turnout: 5.74%

The election report from Civica Election Services is available here.

You can read Julie Ashworth’s candidate statement below.

Senior Governor Election – 5 to 7 May 2021

The Senior Governor is responsible for the leadership and effectiveness of the Court as the University’s governing body, with a key role in building a successful relationship between Court and the senior management of the University.

In recent weeks the University has been engaged in the process of recruiting for the role, in order to identify suitable candidates to stand for election by students, staff and members of Court.

The candidates standing for the role are: 

  • Ms Julie Ashworth 
  • The Very Revd Dr Graham Forbes
  • George K Yule

You can read more about the candidates in their election statements below.

Ms Julie Ashworth

Ms Julie Ashworth 



The Very Revd Dr Graham Forbes

The Very Revd Dr Graham Forbes 

The Very Revd Dr Graham Forbes election statement


George K Yule

George K Yule 

George K Yule election statement

The election will take place from Wednesday 5 May to Friday 7 May 2021 (voting closes at 5pm) when you will be able to vote for the person you feel is best qualified to lead Court.  Further information on the role of the Senior Governor, how you can vote in the election process and a set of FAQs are available on this webpage.

An open meeting with the candidates was held on Tuesday 4 May. You can watch the recording of the open meeting here.

The Senior Governor is a hugely important role, all the more so given the size and complexity of the University and the increasingly competitive world of higher education.

We very much hope that students and staff take the opportunity to use their vote in this important election.