International Law and Technological Progress Conference

This is a past event

The University of Aberdeen is organising a third conference in International Law, following the conferences in the same field hosted by the University of Edinburgh in April 2019 and the University of Glasgow in May 2021. We thereby continue a series of successful conferences that aim to strengthen the leadership of Scottish universities in International Law.

Technological progress has brought positive developments to the quality of life, advances in science, and economic growth. However, it also raises challenges for both the procedural and substantive parts of international law, with emerging technologies testing the existing paradigms. The development of cyberspace - and the power of IT corporations - requires reassessment of the sovereignty, jurisdiction and responsibility of States. Cyber military strategies together with the use of drones present an obstacle for the application of classic international peace and security law. The advancement of technology allowing resource development in previously off-limits environments, such as the deep sea or outer space, calls for stringent international environmental regulation. Technology also impacts on international human rights law, through for instance the resort to cyber surveillance techniques. The practice of international law itself is being transformed by new communication processes. 

This conference aims to explore challenges posed by technological progress to international law through three main themes: established frameworks and new technologies; international law in new environments; and non-State actors and technology. 

Professor Elizabeth Kirk (University of Lincoln) and Professor Nicholas Tsagourias (University of Sheffield)
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