International Law and Technological Progress Conference 2022

International Law and Technological Progress Conference 2022


Additional in-person places have been made available and can be booked via the online registration pages. 

The University of Aberdeen School of Law is organising a third conference in International Law, following the conferences in the same field hosted by the University of Edinburgh in April 2019 and the University of Glasgow in May 2021. We thereby continue a series of successful conferences that aim to strengthen the leadership of Scottish universities in International Law. 

We look forward to being together for a mostly on-site conference. We, however, also welcome the greater accessibility for some colleagues that participating online-only allows. As a consequence, while we will prioritise papers delivered on campus, we will also accept proposals for remote participation.  

Should future developments relating to the COVID 19 pandemic prevent any ‘in person’ event, the conference will move fully online. Participants will be kept informed. 

The conference will take place on 23 and 24 June 2022.  

The conference is free of charge. Lunch on both days will be provided, and a dinner for presenters and chairs will be hosted on the evening of 23 June 2022. 

Participants will be expected to cover their own accommodation and travel costs to Aberdeen.