King's Museum

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King's Museum
King's Museum
Geo Coordinates: 57.167076, -2.102259

King’s Museum lies at the heart of the University's Old Aberdeen campus in the Old Town House building. It is one of Scotland's newest museums, but its origins lie in a museum collection established in King's College in 1727.

King’s Museum has exhibitions changing every few months to display these collections, some involving students and academic staff collaborating with the museum to bring recent research to a wider audience.

With services for schools, evening lectures and other events, such as the annual ‘Night at the Museum’, the museum is a place where objects and ideas are explored in ways that would have been inconceivable to those who have collected and curated the collection over the past centuries.

Passers-by, students, staff and tourists can drop in for a break; a place of stimulation and reflection in the middle of the busy campus.

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Disability Information

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