Muslim Prayer Room

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Muslim Prayer Room
Muslim Prayer Room
Geo Coordinates: 57.16329, -2.102624

A Muslim Prayer Room is located in the Powis Gate building.

The Prayer Room may be found on the basement floor of Powis Gate (this is the lower floor with respect to main entrance, but the ground floor from the back), and is next to the offices in the annexe. Access is via a back door facing the entrance to Crombie, and requires a University ID card which must be swiped.

There is also a Muslim Prayer Room on the Foresterhill Site, located to the rear of the Maternity Hospital, near the IM&T building. Friday prayer takes place there at lunchtime and it is open for regular prayer at any time of the day. Because the Prayer Room is in a separate building, it may not be suitable for patients to attend. If the available time or the circumstances make it difficult to perform prayer at the Prayer Room, there is always the choice of performing it in one of the chapels available in every hospital within NHS Grampian. However, Friday prayer is only held at the Prayer Room facility.

The nearest mosque to the University is located at 164 Spital - about 2 minutes walk up the hill from College Bounds.