Germany - University of Regensburg

Germany - University of Regensburg

Universität Regensburg

Suitable for Language (German) and Law Students


The Landtag of Bavaria founded the university in 1962 after various attempts to found a college dating back to the late 15th Century. The first petition for establishment of a university in the city was sent to Pope Innocent VIII in 1487 by Duke Albrecht IV of Bavaria. Cutting-edge research, high quality teaching, a broad spectrum of educational programs across 12 faculties, efficient and comprehensive services for both international students and researchers, this is what the University of Regensburg stands for. The modern campus offers outstanding research facilities and an inspiring study and learning environment for its 21,000 students, 1,800 of which are international.

Just one central campus serves the universities students and scholars, which is set over 280 acres of land and boasts stunning scenic surroundings. The nearby Danube Valley, Bavarian Forest and numerous nearby lakes greatly enhance the setting of the university. The university's library consists of a main complex, with 11 branch libraries distributed throughout the campus.

The attractiveness of the university is enhanced by the appeal of the city itself, with its ever-present traces of more than 2,000 years of history. Since July 2006, Regensburg carries the UNESCO distinction "World Heritage", which recognizes the unique character of the medieval city centre and its magnificent architecture - above all the Old Stone Bridge above the Danube and St. Peter's Cathedral.


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