The University of Aberdeen has a long standing commitment to widening access to higher education. A key part of this commitment is the University’s Contextualised Admissions and Access Thresholds Policy.

We are keen to encourage students from the widest possible range of backgrounds to participate in University studies, and we appreciate that not all students have the same opportunity to meet our advertised entry requirements.

For this reason we take “contextualised information” into account when making decisions on the applications we have received and the exact grades we might require in any given case. Applicants who meet our criteria may be made an offer of admission at or below the relevant Access Threshold level.

Please note that the University can check if an applicant meets some of the criteria listed below using the information that is supplied in the UCAS form. Where possible applicants should include information about any circumstances they would like to highlight in their Personal Statement, or alternatively ask their referee to include relevant information in the Reference. If an applicant cannot include contextual information in the personal statement, they can send a separate document, which details these circumstances, to the University’s Admissions Service. Any additional information, which is supplied to the University in a clear and timely manner, will be considered alongside the main application.

Applicants must include their full name and UCAS ID number in all correspondence with the University. 

Please also note that the University would also ask that, where possible, referees mention and verify if an applicant meets one or more of the Widening Participation criteria in their UCAS reference.