The University of Aberdeen requires a tuition fee deposit from international applicants in receipt of an offer to Postgraduate Taught programmes, and who require a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for a student visa application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You will have to pay a non-refundable deposit if you meet the following criteria:

  • Are applying for a Postgraduate Taught On-Campus Programme; and,
  • Require a Student Visa to study in the UK; and,
  • Your Offer is Unconditional; and,
  • You have Firmly accepted your offer; and,
  • You are funding your studies yourself (or via family), i.e. self-funding.

The Deposit will be deducted from your Programme Tuition Fees and will be evidenced on your CAS – this is not an additional cost. Please note the Deposit is non-refundable except in very exceptional circumstances.

We currently do not require a Tuition Fee Deposit for Undergraduate programmes, or any research-based Postgraduate Programmes.

No action is required on your part until you receive an email instruction from the University.

Why do I need to pay a Deposit?

Paying the Deposit shows a firm commitment to study at the University of Aberdeen. We will only issue a CAS where a deposit has been paid and, paperwork is in order and we believe will be issued with a Student Visa when applying to the UKVI.

How much is the Deposit and how to do I pay it?

The deposit for a Taught Postgraduate Master’s Programme is £3,000 and certain nationals may be required to pay an additional percentage of the Programme Fee before a CAS will be issued (up to 100%). If this applies to you, you will be notified prior to any CAS being issued and will provided with instructions on how to make the payment. 

How soon should I pay the Deposit?

You can pay as soon as you receive an Unconditional offer which you Firmly accept. Paying the Deposit will then enable us to review your documentation in support of us issuing the CAS document as early as possible, which you will need to make a student visa application.

Can I make more than one payment towards the Deposit?

No, you should only make one payment towards your deposit to enable us to progress and issue a CAS.

Can I pay more than the Deposit requested?

Yes, when making your deposit payment you can pay more than the minimum Deposit amount requested up to the value of your programme fee.

I have been awarded a Scholarship – do I have to pay a deposit?

No. If you are being fully sponsored (i.e. full tuition fees paid) by a recognised sponsor (as defined by the UKVI), then you are not required to pay a Deposit. You must provide the appropriate evidence, i.e. Final Award Letter. The University will only accept sponsorship letters from recognised sponsors (overseas governments, international business, universities, Trusts and Charities, etc) and not from friends or family members. If your family will be paying your tuition fees, you or your family must pay the deposit.

If you are only partly sponsored, then you will still be required to pay a Deposit.

I will be applying for a US Federal Student Aid Loan – do I have to pay a deposit?

No, if your full fees are being covered by a US Federal Student Aid Loan, then you are not required to pay a Deposit.

I will be applying for a Norwegian Government Loan (Lanenkassen) – do I have to pay a deposit?

No, if your fees are being covered by the Lanenkassen Loan, then you are not required to pay a Deposit.

Do I have to pay a Deposit if I have been awarded a Scholarship by the University of Aberdeen?

If you have been awarded a full tuition fee scholarship (i.e. 100% of your tuition fees) by the University of Aberdeen, we will waive the requirement for a Deposit. If you have a partial scholarship (less than 100% of your tuition fees), you are still required to pay the deposit.

Can I pay the Deposit if I have a conditional offer?

No. Please do not pay a Deposit until you have met all conditions in your Offer Letter. We will email you once you are holding an Unconditional Offer which you have Firmly accepted. A payment link will be sent out to you once you become Unconditional Firm (UF) so you can pay the Deposit.

Making a payment on a conditional offer does not influence the outcome of your application nor does it speed up the process.

I have been told that I have to pay 50% or 100% of my fees before a CAS will be issued, do I also have to pay a deposit?

No, you will not be required to pay an additional £3,000.

What happens after I have paid the Deposit?

Once you have paid the deposit and you have received email confirmation the University has successfully received your payment, your file will move to the next stage of CAS issuance. An Admissions Officer will liaise with you, via CAS Shield, to review your documentation to ensure it meets current UKVI regulations which will give your visa application a greater chance of being granted.

How can I make the Deposit payment?

Deposit payments will be accepted via our payment partners Flywire and Convera who accept a variety of payment methods including international and UK bank transfer, card and ewallet payments. Links to our partner website will be provided via email when you are Unconditional Firm and state that you are self-funding. The University of Aberdeen does not accept Applicant Deposit payments by any other method.

Will I get a receipt?

Both of our payment partners provide receipts and payment tracking. You will also receive an email from the University to confirm that your payment has been received and your record has been updated. Please note once you have completed your transfer with our payment partner it can take up to 14 days for the University to receive your payment.

Can I transfer my Deposit Payment to another student?

No, deposits cannot be transferred to another student or any other individual.


I have deferred my place to the next intake – will I have to pay the Deposit again?

No, if you decide to defer your place to the next intake, and have already paid your Deposit, the Deposit will be retained and rolled over to the next entry point. You will not have to pay it again.


On what basis will a refund of a Deposit be approved?

If requested within 14 days of payment being received by the University and the CAS has NOT been issued. It will be assumed that you no longer wish to study at the University of Aberdeen and your place will be Declined. However, if a CAS has been issued, no refund will be authorised.

If the Master’s Programme you have been offered and accepted is withdrawn and you do not wish to take a place on any alternative programme offered.

If your ATAS clearance is refused.

If your Student Visa application is refused, except where refusal is a result of:

  • A fraudulent visa application or providing fraudulent documents.
  • Insufficient funds being evidenced.
  • Supply of incorrect documentation.
  • Not supplying documentation requested by UKVI during the visa application process in a timely manner which results in a visa refusal.
When will my Deposit not be refunded?

Your Deposit will not be refunded:

  • If you decide to go to another Institution.
  • If you cannot be released from work to study at the University of Aberdeen.
  • If you do not send completed documentation as requested by University staff to meet conditions of the offer.
  • If you have not secured funding – either not being successful in Scholarship applications OR not having sufficient funds available at time of visa application or for the issuance of a CAS.
How do I request a Refund of a Deposit?

You must email to request a Deposit Refund detailing in full the reason for requesting a refund and provide any relevant documentation to support your request.

My refund request has been approved – what happens now?

The refund will be processed through our payment partners to the source of the original payment. If a family member paid the Deposit on behalf of the applicant, the University is unable to refund directly to the applicant. You may be requested to provide proof of payment (e.g. payment receipt or bank statement showing payment from that account). Failure to provide any of these will delay the refund and may render it unpayable.

If being refunded into a non-Sterling Bank where currency conversion is necessary, any exchange rate fluctuations and any charges made by the receiving bank are the responsibility of the party receiving the funds.

Once a refund has been approved, it can take up to 60 working days for the payment to be processed.