Research Excellence

Research Excellence

Knowledge to Effect Change

  • Studying here gives you the chance to explore areas most important to you, catapulted ahead by the pioneers who have come before. Read about our history
  • With a commitment to support impact, we offer you professional and entrepreneurial development throughout your research 
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Join Analytical Deep Thinkers and Global Innovators

From the deepest ocean trenches in the world, to the smallest particles in the universe; from Alaskan permafrost discoveries to pioneering cancer treatments, the University of Aberdeen houses world-leading academics from across the globe committed to deep thinking.

  • We offer world class facilities and exiting opportunities to work closely in industry and interdisciplinary areas, innovation centres and spin out company formation
  • We continue to provide ground breaking research with real impact on all of us
  • We lead the way in:
    • drug discovery - climate change - medical sciences - archaeology 

What is REF?

  • The Research Excellence Framework is the largest University research assessment globally. 

How did Aberdeen do in the last REFinternationally?

  • 5th in Scotland for Research Power
  • 1st in the UK for Theology and Religious Studies
  • 1st in Scotland and 8th in the UK for Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care
  • Top quartile for Research Power in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences

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Current Research strengths:

  • The new National Subsea Research Initiative based at the University is a partnership involving the Northern Research Partnership (Aberdeen, Dundee and Robert Gordon universities), in collaboration with Subsea UK to provide a focus for R&D and training as part of the UK’s future energy strategy.
  • The merger of the former Rowett Research Institute with the University in 2008 has created an international centre of excellence in the new Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health.
  • In 1980, Aberdeen physicists and clinicians were first in the world to scan a patient using MRI. Today we are contributing our expertise at the forefront of imaging technology to the SINAPSE partnership of top Scottish research universities through the Scottish Funding Council’s research pooling initiative.  Read more about our historic innovations
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