Scholarships and Funding

There are scholarships and grants for international students who wish to study in Britain. There is a lot of competition for a limited number of awards, but it is worthwhile applying for the ones relevant to you. You should begin your research early as some scholarships require you to apply at least a year before your degree starts.

The best place to start your search is on our online funding database which will tell you about all the bursaries and scholarships available to you.

The University is also pleased to announced that they are offering a one year's tuition fee scholarship to all international undergraduate students. For more information, please read below.

intl scholarship

International Undergraduate Scholarship

As part of our commitment to attracting the very best students to join our diverse international community, we are delighted to offer the University of Aberdeen International Undergraduate Scholarship. This scholarship is worth one year’s tuition fee and is open to all international undergraduate students studying for 4 years or more at the University of Aberdeen (excludes Medicine).


Aberdeen International Masters Scholarship

As part of our commitment to attracting the very best students to join our diverse international community, we are delighted to offer the Aberdeen International Masters Scholarship. This scholarship is in the form of a £2,000 tuition fee discount and is open to self-funding students who are nationals of Vietnam, China, and African countries, and are classed as international for tuition fee purposes.


China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship

The CSC Scholarship is a scholarship programme for Chinese PhD students, who will take a full PhD at the University of Aberdeen and for PhD researchers, who will visit the University of Aberdeen for research purposes. The CSC Scholarship is open to students and researchers in any discipline.


Sir Thomas Sutherland Scholarship

The University of Aberdeen and HSBC are offering a fully funded undergraduate scholarship worth £99,000 over four years to students from India, Indonesia, Thailand, or Malaysia. If you are academically outstanding, the first member of your family to attend university, and have the enthusiasm and motivation to succeed academically and professionally, you could be the lucky recipient of this amazing opportunity.

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Search our Funding Database

For all available funding, from general bursaries and discount scheme to discipline and country specific scholarships, within the University and externally, visit our funding database

There are a number of other organisations, companies, schemes and charities worth researching to find out further what scholarship and bursary opportunities they offer or know of that may not be listed in our database.


The British Council

In the absence of a local British Council office, consult the nearest British Embassy or High Commission. It may also be useful to visit


Charities, Organisations and Companies

A number of governmental and non-governmental bodies, including educational charities, provide financial assistance to a diversity of students seeking education overseas. Approaches can also be made to commercial and industrial companies in the fields related to your specialisation, eg in the medical field to pharmaceutical companies, in engineering to construction or electronics firms. Generally, apply to the Managing Director in the first instance. Note that certain bodies such as banks may specialise in student loans


Your country's Ministry of Education

Scholarships, grants and student loans could be available from your local government. Enquire with the Ministry of Education within your own country to find out what is available

Other Sources of Funding Information