MSM 71There is no catalogue of all of the books that were in Liddel’s library. The first catalogue to properly list the whole of Marischal College library is a manuscript which dates from 1659 to 1713.

The first list of books is made up of several bequests, including Liddel's, although it is incomplete. What is clear from this list is that even as early as 1659, Liddel’s books were already dispersed throughout the library shelves, arranged by subject and size, not kept as one collection.

At the end of the manuscript are four leaves titled ‘Ane catalogue of the books wanting of the Liberarie of Abd. 1659.’ Written by the Librarian, Robert Downy, this list has 38 titles from Liddel’s library. Downy was the first person to formally hold the post of Librarian at Marischal from 1632-1663 and was strictly censured by the Town Council for his careless treatment of the books. The manuscript is a woeful account of all the books missing from the various bequests made to Marischal College Library before 1659. Of the 38 titles listed as being lost from Liddel’s bequest, at least eight appear to be in the stock of the library today. It is interesting to note that Liddel’s own copies of his Ars medica and De febribus are listed here as missing.