The Walter Scott Research Centre was established in 1991 in order to facilitate the work of the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels.

The main work of the edition was completed in 28 volumes in November 2009 and the final two volumes of the notes Scott wrote specifically for the 1829-33 edition of the Waverley Novels were published in 2012. In its time it was the biggest literary project in the UK and was directed and organised from Aberdeen. Several members of staff at Aberdeen (Dr J. H. Alexander, Professor David Hewitt, and Professor Alison Lumsden) were then engaged on it but it was international in its scope. Some fifteen editors have been involved, three research fellows, eight consultants, ten research students, and many editorial assistants. Over £350,000 was raised in research grants. To date over 100,000 volumes of Scott’s fiction have been purchased in Edinburgh Edition texts.

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The Centre has now embarked on a critical edition of Walter Scott’s Poetry to be published in ten volumes over the next ten years by Edinburgh University Press. This project is led by Professor Alison Lumsden.

Members of the Centre Include:

Professor David Hewitt (Honorary Co-director)

Professor Alison Lumsden (Co-director)

Dr J. H. Alexander (Honorary Reader)

Dr Timothy Baker

Professor Cairns Craig

Dr Elizabeth Elliott

Dr Catherine Jones

Professor John Morrison

Dr Ainsley McIntosh

Dr Sigrid Rieuwerts (Honorary Fellow, University of Mainz)