Dr Julien Martin

Dr Julien Martin

Dr Julien Martin a Research fellow and Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen will be the next speaker in the SBS research seminar series.

Explaining the remarkable diversity of species and variation between individuals within a species requires understanding how evolution by natural selection shapes organisms in their environments. In natural systems, energetic resources are limited in abundance, space and time, thus forcing organisms to adjust their energy allocation among traits and their time budget among activities. Life history theory seeks to explain the trade-offs made by individuals to optimize their reproduction and survival as a function of the environmental conditions. Using long-term data on morphological, physiological and behavioral traits of wild vertebrates and cutting-edge quantitative genetic analyses (e.g. animal model, DHGLM, path analysis), my research focuses on three main aspects: 1) testing key hypotheses of life-history theory; 2) evaluating the evolutionary consequences of changing environments; and 3) implementing and assessing the performance of new statistical analyses in ecology. My research program has implications not only at the theoretical level but has also an applied perspective for conservation and agriculture.

Dr Julien Martin
Zoology Building

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