Dr Silke Langeheder

Dr Silke Langeheder

Dr Silke Langeheder from the University of Upsalla will be the next speaker in the SBS research seminar series.

Dr Langeheder is a Microbial community ecologist 

The overall aim of her research is to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms that regulate diversity and ecosystem functioning, in particular in response to environmental change and disturbances. Such knowledge is essential, but still sparse, for bacteria despite their major role as biological drivers in biogeochemical cycles, and hence investigating this has been in the focus of my past and present research activities.

Her research addresses the following fundamental ecological questions:

(1) What determines the relationship between diversity and ecosystem functioning?

(2) What are the mechanisms regulating diversity across space and time?

(3) How do environmental change and disturbances influence biodiversity and ecosystem functioning?

Dr Silke Langeheder
Hosted by
Dr Cecile Rangin
Zoology Lecture Theatre - Ground Floor

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