Life history correlates of consistency and variability in behaviour

Life history correlates of consistency and variability in behaviour

Dr Samantha Patrick from the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool will give her talk as part of the SBS Friday research seminar series.

Dr Patrick is a behavioural ecology and studies individual differences in mating strategies, she focuses on reproductive tactics and foraging behaviours to consider how and why alternative strategies are maintained in the population.  Her work mainly focuses on avian systems ranging from great tits to albatrosses, using these populations to examin the causes and consequence of individual variation.

She is currently a lecturer in Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool having previously been a Research Fellow at the University of Gloucerstershire and a Research associate at the University of Oxford.   Dr Patrick has also held posts at the University of Plymouth and Centre d'études biologique de Chizé, CNRS after completing her DPhil at the University of Oxford.

Follow Dr Patrick on Twitter @SamCPatrick for more of an insight into her fascinating work.

Dr Samantha Patrick
Hosted by
Dr Julien Martin
Zoology Lecture Theatre - Ground Floor

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