Theory, Ecology and Design in Microbial Ecology

Theory, Ecology and Design in Microbial Ecology

Professor Thomas Curtis from the Centre for Synthetic Biology and the Bioeconomy at Newcastle University will deliver the next talk in the SBS Friday research seminar series.

Professor Curtis joined Newcastle University in 1994, he has always had a interest in the interaction between water, waste, the environment and Health.   He focuses his research on the need to harness the new generation of biology and microbial ecology to enable the development of transfomative engineered biological systems to the benefit of all.

He currently works on the science and technologies required for the treatment of water and wastes. Such treatment systems are key nodes in the network of environmental services that civil engineers provide for cities. They are undoubtedly critical infrastructure and are central to a sustainable urban environment in all societies.

Professor Curtis notes that his particular and unique insight is, and has been, the need for theory. He believes that a sound theoretical basis for what we do will have an analogous effect on engineered biological systems. 

Come along to hear more about Professor Curtis' research vision.

Professor Thomas Curtis
Hosted by
Professor Jim Prosser
Zoology Lecture Theatre - Ground Floor

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