Forests and water: advances and controversies

Forests and water: advances and controversies

Professor Douglas Sheil will give a talk on "Forests and water: advances and controversies"

Recent research has increased our understanding of how trees and forests influence water availability. But major controversies remain. For example, until recently most atmospheric scientists were confident that forests don’t attract rain, but new research challenges that confidence, and suggest that forests play a vastly more significant role in maintaining global rainfall patterns than was previously realized. Is this really a whole new value for forests? Come and decide for yourselves. (The talk is aimed at a general audience and will not assume technical knowledge).

Douglas Sheil is a tropical forest ecologist who is currently based at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. He is also a senior Research Associate, Center for International Forest Research, (CIFOR), Indonesia, and an Adjunct Professor, Southern Cross University, Lismore, NSW, Australia.

More information on his research can be found at:

Professor David Burslem from the School of Biological Sciences will host Professor Sheils vist to the University, if you would like the opportunity to discuss research interests please contact Professor Burslem. 

Professor Douglas Sheil
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Professor David Burslem
Zoology Lecture Theatre - Ground Floor

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