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Prizes Information

Discipline Prize How Prize is Awarded Value of Prize QSP Ledger Student Recordcode
Physics   Arnott Prize in Physics   The prize is awarded annually to the magistrand who, having passed all the examinations for his/her degree, produced the most distinguished performance in the experimental branches of Physics.   £100   (EN) EP10002-11   040  
Physics   Geddes AEM Prize in Physics   Awarded annually to the undergraduate student who submits the best photograph or written or other description of some natural physical phenomenon personally observed during the previous year.   £20   (EN) EP10049-11   328  
Physics   Geomagnetism Edinburgh 1981 Prize   Awarded annually to for a student performance of distinction in some areas of geomagnetism and aeronomy.   £40   (EN) EP10173-11   332  
Physics   Greig Prize in Physics   This is awarded to the student who has exhibited the greatest proficiency in the study of Physics. The examiners shall be the examiners in Physics for the honours degree of MA or BSc, who will recommend the candidate.   £30   (EN) EP10055-11   352