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Prizes Information

Discipline Prize How Prize is Awarded Value of Prize QSP Ledger Student Recordcode
Chemistry   Center , William Rudolph Medal in Chemistry   Awarded to the most distinguished graduate in Chemistry by obtaining First Class Honours.   Medal & £100   (EN) EP10021-11   142  
Chemistry   Coutts Prize in Chemistry (Scholarship)   One or more prizes may be awarded on the results of class examinations and laboratory records on level 2 or on level 3 courses, to students who have pursued the second year course in Chemistry and who intend to pursue the further study of Chemistry at this university.   £100   EB10027-11   200  
Chemistry   David Christie Memorial Prize   For the Best Undergraduate Research Project.   £250   Development Trust   218  
Chemistry   Jim Smith Prize for Exceptional Merit   For outstanding performance in Level 4 Chemistry   £20   (EN) EP10243-11   755  
Chemistry   RA Chalmers Prize (Analytical Chemistry)   Awarded to a member of the Honours Chemistry Class who has shown excellence in the practice of analytical chemistry during the period of his/her undergraduate study.   £20   (EN) EP10208-11   146  
Chemistry   Ronald H Thomson Prize in Organic Chemistry   The prize is awarded annually on the recommendation of the Head of the Discipline of Chemistry to an undergraduate student who has shown excellence in organic Chemistry in the examinations for the degree of BSc with Honours in Chemistry. If no student achieves sufficient distinction the award will not be made and the prize money will be used to augment the capital of the fund.   £200   (EN) EP10192-11   804  
Chemistry   Sir George Forbes Prize in Chemistry   Awarded annually to the Science undergraduate of the University who, in the examination for the degree of BSc with Honours in Chemistry, shows distinction in Physical Chemistry, and who also shall have attended such lectures delivered by the Head of the Discipline of Philosophy as shall be approved for the purpose of the award of the prize may be altered or amended by resolution of the Senatus provided always they conform to the Deed of Gift.   £250   (EN) EP10045-11   316  
Chemistry   William JP Neish Prize in Organic Chemistry   Awarded to an undergraduate who in the final examinations for the degree of BSc with Honours in Chemistry shows distinction in Organic Chemistry and who elects to continue study in Organic Chemistry.   £200   (EN) EP10204-11   622  
Chemistry   Archibald Clow Prize   The prize is for outstanding performance in second year Chemistry   £200   Awarded by Development Trust   886  
Chemistry   Oxford University Press   Awarded annually to best first year undergraduate Chemistry student   Electronic access to OUP on-line book catalogue   N/A   625  
Chemistry   Royal Society of Chemistry Prize in Analytical Achemistry   Awarded to the undergraduate with best performance in Analytical Chemistry in an approved course in respect of studies in the penultimate academic year of an undergraduate course   £150 & one year free affiliate membership of RSC (if not already a member)   N/A   691