Dr William Barlow

Dr William Barlow



Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 274633
The University of Aberdeen  
School of Education, MacRobert Building, Room 522, King's College, Aberdeen AB24 5UA
(:00 44 1224-274633 (direct)
+: William.Barlow@abdn.ac.uk


My research centres on using drama convention approaches in applied drama settings. I am particularly interested in transitions, drama in education, site-specific theatre, Reminiscence theatre, applied drama, looked after children’s education and creative education.  

Prior to Joining the School of Education in 2016, I worked at the University of Plymouth (lecturer in Education) and as a Faculty Head of Expressive Arts in the west coast of Scotland. I have experience of working with young people, adults and senior communities throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. Previously, I was a chairperson in the South East of Glasgow's Children's Panel and have worked with looked after children (including accommodated) across Scotland. My community education work includes young offenders, prison education and additional support needs learning and teaching (public and private sectors). I have consulted, written and examined for the SQA. Moreover, I consult for theatre companies and education departments in Scotland and abroad.

I am a guest lecturer on the Educational Drama course at NYU and have also taught on their summer courses. In addition, I guest lecture at the University of Strathclyde and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and present my work in journals and at conferences.

At the University of Aberdeen, I undertake the following duties:

PGDE Drama Secondary and Primary curriculum

MA 3 Professional Focus input for Educational Drama

MA 4 Primary Drama curriculum

MSC Educational Research

Professional studies tutor

Personal tutor

Post-graduate supervision and teaching

Co-lead Expressive Arts group


Research Overview

Drama in Education, Primary-Secondary Transition, Looked After (and Accommodated) Children's Education, Inclusive Pedagogy, Creative/Aesthetic Pedagogies and Teacher Education.

Current Research

I seek to integrate my research and teaching by working with a range of practitioners. Currently, I am researching primary-secondary transition and drama conventions, site specific theatre, reminiscence theatre and intergenerational learning.


I work with a range of practitioners (local, national and international) to develop my research and praxis. 

Recently, I have worked (and/or continuing to work) with the following collaborators (this list is not exhaustive):

Aberdeen City Creative Learning - Senior Drama Group

School based Drama departments across the country

National Theatre of Scotland

Visible Fictions Theatre Company

Perth Repertory Theatre

Dundee Repertory Theatre

Out of the blue Theatre Company

Tony Goode (chief collaborator)

Education Scotland



Dr Mark Harvey - University of Auckland

University of Strathclyde - visiting tutor on undergraduate and postgraduate ITE

University of Plymouth

University of Dundee - Professor Divya Jindal-Snape (Primary-Secondary transitional learning)

New York University - Educational Drama

Research Funding and Grants

Recently, I have won a Santander Motability Award. This fully funded award has enabled me to visit New York University Educational Drama Department.

I was a CI on a recent AHRC grant to create a devised site specific promenade piece of theatre with senior citizens. This devised piece was based upon the history of the colony site based at Bennachie (a site of historical interest).



Teaching Responsibilities


Co-ordinator Drama Distance Learning Initial Teacher Education (DLITE)


ED2056 MA2 Workshop leader for MA2 Creativity Conference

ED302C MA3 Professional Focus Option Educational Drama



ED402A learning and teaching in schools: developing professional practice 1 (PGDE)

ED452A learning and teaching in schools: developing professional practice 2 (PGDE)

ED40XI  learning and teaching in schools (DRAMA)

ED40XZ learning and teaching in schools: (PRIMARY)


Postgraduate research students


Guest Lecturer:

New York Univeristy 

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) 

University of Strathclyde



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  • Life transitions: A ‘Covid-19’ pregnancy

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    Contributions to Journals: Articles

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