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The University of Aberdeen Room 371, Fraser Noble Bldg School of Engineering University of Aberdeen Aberdeen AB24 3UE Scotland, UK
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Dr Roozbeh Rafati, BEng, MSc, PhD is a researcher, professional engineer and lecturer in the fields of Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and Reservoir Simulation.
  • Lecturer, University of Aberdeen (UK). Aug. 2013 - Present.
    • Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Department, School of Engineering
  • Lecturer, University Technology Mara (Malaysia). Jul. 2010 - Aug.2013.
    • Oil & Gas Engineering Department, Faculty of Chemical Engineering
  • Researcher, University Technology Malaysia (UTM). Jun. 2009 - May.2010.
    • Faculty of Petroleum Engineering
  • Reservoir Engineer, South Pars Gas Field Development (Iran). Nov. 2006 - Dec.2008.
    • Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering Department
  • Research Assistant, Sharif University of Technology (Iran). Oct. 2005 - Nov.2006.
    • Faculty of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
  • Internship, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC). Jul. 2002 - Sep.2002.
    • Petroleum Engineering Department

Research Interests

My main research is the application of smart materials in the upstream petroleum industry. The focus of my research is on phase behaviour, transportation and retention of smart colloidal systems such as complex foams in pipes/porous media and their impact on oil production enhancement as well as a fundamental understanding of the interactions at the interfaces between gaseous, liquid and solid phases at high pressure and temperature conditions. I am currently working on the application of nanoparticles in gas leakage reduction, rheologically stable drilling fluids in deepwater drilling and smart foams for artificial lifting process.

Research Interests:
• Foam phase behaviour, stability and rheological properties
• Foam flow in porous media
• Application of Nanotechnology in upstream oil and gas industry
• Biodegradable and green chemicals for upstream oil and gas industry
• Modelling and simulation of EOR processes
• Pore-scale studies of multiphase fluid


Teaching Responsibilities

  • Reservoir Engineering (Coordinator and Contributor)
  • Reservoir Simulation (Coordinator and Contributor)
  • Petroleum Engineering Design (Coordinator and Contributor)
  • Field Development Plan and Economics (Contributor)
Further Info

Admin Responsibilities

Deputy coordinator of MSc petroleum engineering programme