Dr Markus Steiner

Dr Markus Steiner
Dr Markus Steiner
Dr Markus Steiner

MSc Epidemiology; PhD Occupational & Environmental Medicine; DOccMed

Honorary Clinical Research Fellow

Email Address
Office Address

University of Aberdeen

School of Medicine

Department of Child Health

RACH, 29.02

Westburn Road


AB25 2ZG

T: +44 (0)1224 438472

School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition

External Memberships

Occupational physician with OHS NHS Grampian (GO Health Services)


Current Research

Pharmacoepidemiology - analysis of routinely collected prescribing data for Scotland (PIS) on Asthma and COPD

Aberdeen Maternal & Neonatal Database (AMND) - study of association of fetal growth and development of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Ethnic variation in health in Scotland (SHELS study / University of Edinburgh)


NHS National Services Scotland, ISD

University oif Edinburgh (routine data analysis)

Funding and Grants

Niels O Oermann, Matthias Augenstein, Stephan Brandenburg, Axel Ekkernkamp, Swen M John, Björn Maier, Eberhard Wille, Wulf Rössler, Patricia Weinert, Debra Hopkins, Markus Steiner. Kompetenztandem-Vorhaben im Rahmen des EU-Großprojektes „Innovations-Inkubator Lüneburg: „Gesund im Beruf (GiB)“ - Prävention, Versorgung und Wiedereingliederung bei berufsbedingten Erkrankungen als öffentliches Gut [„Health at Work“ – Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of occupational diseases as public right]. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - €2,978,742 (March 2012)

Steven Ryder, Syed M Nasir, Markus Steiner. A cross-sectional (teledermatology) survey of hand dermatitis in NHS Highland dental staff. Highland R&D Endowment Fund Award - £2,850 (March 2012)

Markus Steiner, Graham Devereux, Richmond Davies. Prescribing and dispensing practise for asthma medication in Scotland. GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) - £125,000 (January 2011)

Sean Semple, Markus Steiner. Long term biomonitoring study and risk assessment of levels of Decabromodiphenylether (DBDE) in humans. IRAS (Institute of Risk Assessment Scienses) - £3,750 (August 2007)

Markus Steiner, Sean Semple, Finlay Dick, Jon Ayres, Anthony Ormerod. Workplace health surveillance for occupational skin diseases – diagnostic accuracy and reliability of a teledermatology tool. COLT Foundation - £107,452 (April 2007)


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