Dr Mary MacLeod

Dr Mary MacLeod
Dr Mary MacLeod

Dr Mary MacLeod


Senior Clinical Lecturer



Dr Macleod is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacology.  Her clinical work is largely in the area of acute stroke and TIA management, and primary and secondary stroke prevention.  Current research interests include:

Novel imaging markers in stroke using fast field cycling MRI

Using linked datasets to explore management of stroke including service organisation and secondary prevention

Exploring omega-3 fatty acids as a potential treatment for acute stroke

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships

Chair, Clinical Studies Oversight Group

External Memberships

Member of Scotland A Research Ethics Committee



Teaching Responsibilities

Year 5 MBChB OSCE coordinator

Situational Judgement Test lead

Year 1, 3 and 4 Clinical Pharmacology teaching

MSc Clinical Pharmacology: Pharmacovigilance, Medicines Management

Delivers teaching to MSc Cardiovascular and Diabetes, BSc Neurosciences, BSc Genetics

MRCP PACES examiner


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  • Is stroke incidence increased in survivors of adult cancers? A systematic review and meta-analysis

    Turner, M., Murchie, P., Derby, S., Ong, A. Y., Walji, L. T., McLernon, D., Macleod, M., Adam, R.
    Journal of Cancer Survivorship
    Contributions to Journals: Review articles
  • Joint multi-field T1 quantification for fast field-cycling MRI

    Bödenler, M., Maier, O., Stollberger, R., Broche, L., Ross, J., Macleod, M.
    Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, vol. 86, no. 4, pp. 2049-2063
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Conscious awareness modulates processing speed in the Redundant Signal Effect

    Cederblad, A. M. H., Visokomogilski, A., Andersen, S. K., Macleod, M., Sahraie, A.
    Experimental Brain Research, vol. 239, pp. 1877–1893
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Following a star: Does who you follow in an OSCE station affect your checklist score?

    Brown, C. W., Macleod, M., Watson, W., Nath, M.
    NES Annual Virtual Conference 2021
    Contributions to Conferences: Posters
  • Urgent introduction of iPAD-based WPB programmatic assessment due to the COVID-19 pandemic for final year medical students

    Brown, C. W., Macleod, M., Watson, W., Lumsden, C.
    NES Annual Virtual Conference 2021
    Contributions to Conferences: Posters
  • Statin Therapy is Associated With Lower Mortality One Year After Ischemic Stroke: A National Data Linkage Study

    Sterling, K., Turner, M., Langhorne, P., Barber, M., Macleod, M. J.
    Stroke, vol. 52, no. Supplement 1, P660
    Contributions to Journals: Abstracts
  • Neurological and neuropsychiatric complications of COVID-19 in 153 patients: a UK-wide surveillance study

    Varatharaj, A., Thomas, N., Ellul, M. A., Davies, N. W. S., Pollak, T. A., Tenorio, E. L., Sultan, M., Easton, A., Easton, A., Breen, G., Zandi, M., Coles, J. P., Manji, H., Al-Shahi Salman, R., Menon, D. K., Nicholson, T. R., Benjamin, L. A., Carson, A., Smith, C., Turner, M. R., Solomon, T., Kneen, R., Pett, S. L., Galea, I., Thomas, R. H., Michael, B. D., CoroNerve Study Group, Macleod, M.
    The lancet. Psychiatry, vol. 7, no. 10, pp. 875-882
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Safety and early outcomes after intravenous thrombolysis in acute ischemic stroke patients with prestroke disability

    Cooray, C., Karlinski, M., Kobayashi, A., Ringleb, P., Kõrv, J., Macleod, M. J., Dixit, A., Azevedo, E., Bladin, C., Ahmed, N.
    International Journal of Stroke
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
  • Real-world user acceptability of the FreeStyle Libre: A pilot study on human factors and technology acceptance

    Gautam, A., Philip, S., MacLeod, M. J., Cadzow, A., Graveling, A. J.
    Diabetic Medicine, vol. 37, no. S1, pp. 106-107
    Contributions to Journals: Abstracts
  • Brain hyperintensities in magnetic resonance imaging of patients with mild acute focal neurology

    Varsou, O., Macleod, M. J., Schwarzbauer, C., Murray, A. D., Dinis Fernandes, C., Stringer, M. S., Turnbull, K.
    Neurological Sciences, vol. 41, no. 6, pp. 1633-1635
    Contributions to Journals: Articles
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