Dr Michael Scholz

Dr Michael Scholz
Dr Michael Scholz
Dr Michael Scholz

PhD (Dr. rer. nat. Biochemistry), FHEA


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Institute of Education for Medical and Dental Science
School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition
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School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition



Michael E. Scholz graduated in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology at the University of Hannover/Germany. Between 1999 and 2005 he worked in the Physiology department of the Hannover Medical School and gained his PhD with his research on signal transduction processes during proliferation and differentiation of skeletal muscle satellite cells.

In August 2005 he moved to Scotland to take up a lectureship in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Aberdeen.


Research Overview


I am interested in the signal transduction processes controlling the cellular switch from proliferation to determination/differentiation in skeletal muscle cells. Though the skeletal muscle is a terminally differentiated and mitotically inactive tissue it shows remarkable plasticity.

Important sources of the muscular capacity to adapt, recover or transform are undifferentiated skeletal muscle satellite cells.Satellite cells are precursor cells of the skeletal muscle that are necessary to maintain function, repair or increase size of muscle fibres. These processes require constant activation, proliferation, differentiation, maturation and fusion which is controlled by interactions and differential activation of signalling pathways like the Ras/MAP/Erk Kinase Pathway or the PI-3-K/Akt pathway. The pathways link the effects of growth factors with the expression of myogenic transcription factors and the control of the myogenic program. The timescale and the contribution of different pathways to activation of myogenic genes are the focus of my interest.


Dr. Alison Jenkinson

Dr Arimantas Lionikas

Funding and Grants

Cansco PhD Studentship in Exercise Science

Tenovus Scotland


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