Dr Jess Butler

Dr Jess Butler
Dr Jess Butler
Dr Jess Butler

Honorary Senior Research Fellow



I’m the Lead Data Scientist at NHS Grampian and a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen. 

Networked Data Lab

I run Grampian’s collaboration with The Health Foundation and four other NHS centres across the UK. This is a six-year project working to reduce health inequalities.

Our team’s specialty is working with big, messy, high-security health and social care data. My focus is creating useful analysis for policy makers and care providers.

Right now we’re working on understanding inequalities in children’s mental healthcare.

Read a blog post about mental health prescribing to children. Or a post about children’s treatment by specialist mental health doctors. Check out our briefing paper for policy makers. Or wade into our academic research article.

Public Health

I also make open-source tools about local communities and their needs for NHS Public Health.

Check out: Poverty and emergency hospital admissions Overcrowding and vaccine needs Funding in priority neighbourhoods

Research Culture

I’m a huge nerd for open science and good research culture. Scientists should be (but aren’t) rewarded for doing rigorous science. I recently gave evidence about this to the House of Commons Science & Technology committee. You can also watch a spicy symposium I hosted: Academic Journals are Broken. Let’s Build a Better Scientific Record.


During the pandemic, I led a Chief Scientist’s Office project to protect patients with serious medical conditions from coronavirus.

We advised the NHS on how to protect these patients as they receive necessary care during the pandemic. Read the briefing paper, research or a few blog posts.

Data Provenance

In 2022, I finished a Wellcome Trust Open Research project to design safe ways to be open while using high-security patient data. We automated the capture and reporting of complex data provenance without compromising patient data privacy.


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