Dr Jan Vinogradov

Dr Jan Vinogradov


Dr Jan Vinogradov
Dr Jan Vinogradov

Contact Details

work +44 (0)1224 272510
The University of Aberdeen Room 168, Fraser Noble Building
King's College
University of Aberdeen
AB24 3UE

Research Interests

Reservoir physics, geological fluid mechanics, self-potential measurements, experimental methods, theoretical and numerical modelling.

Current Research

My research focuses on self-potential (SP) measurements applied to enhanced oil recovery in sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, contaminant flow in shallow fresh water aquifers and subsurface sustainable energy. The research involves the cutting edge experimental methods as well as theoretical and numerical modelling. SP arises in porous media saturated with electrolytes and other NAPL (non-aqueous liquid phase) in response to pressure, concentration or temperature gradients.

SP measurements and interpreted from them zeta potential improve the understanding of the mechanisms that control improved oil recovery during controlled salinity waterflooding in sandstones and carbonates. The method complemented by other petrophysical properties has demonstrated its potential to i) predict the crude oil/brine/rock (COBR) composition for which oil recovery is maximized and/or ii) be used as part of experimental or modelling techniques that allow the optimal composition of injected brine to be predicted for a given reservoir.

Other applications of SP measurements include:

  1. Monitoring of i) subsurface flow during hydrocarbon production, ii) saline intrusion into freshwater aquifers, iii) contaminant transport, iv) geo-thermal flows;
  2. Characterisation of rock wettability, potentially downhole;
  3. Harvesting sustainable subsurface electrical energy.

Teaching Responsibilities

Reservoir Engineering 1, Fundamentals - level 3 course for undegraduate students

Well Test Analysis and Desing - MSc course