Mr John Polanski

Mr John Polanski
Mr John Polanski
Mr John Polanski


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Qualifications: HD in Applied Physics with Electronics

My previous experience includes UKAEA, Marine Laboratory and Teleco Oilfield Services till being employed by the University of Aberdeen in 1987 in the Department of Engineering and more recently MATSS.

As Electronics/Laser technician within the Laser Research Group I gained extensive laser/optics and CO2 laser materials processing experience as well as being heavily involved with the Underwater Holographic Camera project HOLOMAR (

After being seconded from MATSS for part of 2004 to assist with various electronics projects I became a permanent member of staff at Oceanlab in January 2005.

My main role at Oceanlab was production, maintenance and repair of electronic and scientific equipment in support of deep sea research projects. This has also allowed me to gain extensive experience for research cruise preparation and active participation in research cruises in the Pacific and Atlantic.

I was also heavily involved with the DELOS project  ( ) since it's inception and  travelled yearly for the ongoing maintenance and data retrieval on the DELOS Subsea platforms in Block 18, offshore Angola.


At Oceanlab my responsibilities also include H&S inspections, testing, certification and documentation

My hobbies include badminton, tennis, squash, volleyball, cycling, motorcycling, photography, travel and DIY.