Dr Federico Luzzi

Dr Federico Luzzi

Senior Lecturer

Dr Federico Luzzi
Dr Federico Luzzi

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work +44 (0)1224 272372
The University of Aberdeen Old Brewery, OBG14


I am Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Undergraduate Programme Coordinator.

Much of my research has focused on whether knowledge can arise from non-knowledge. I am interested in epistemology more broadly and particularly in its overlap with ethics. I am currently thinking about epistemic injustice and gender equality in sports.

I enjoy bringing Philosophy to wider audiences. In this connection, I coordinate several public engagement and outreach initiatives. These include the Aberdeen Philosophy in Education Group (APEG), a training programme for Philosophy students to facilitate philosophy discussion in primary/secondary school classrooms, and the Philosophy with Children course, a biannual one-day Continuing Professional Development course for primary and secondary schoolteachers.

I carried out my doctoral studies at St Andrews and Aberdeen. Before that, I took my M.Litt. at St Andrews and my BA at Sheffield.

In my spare time I like to play football and walk my dogs.


Teaching Responsibilities

Courses taught at Aberdeen:

PH1027 Controversial Questions

PH2535 Gender Equality

PH354G/454G Knowledge, Power and Society

SX1018 Logic, Language and Information

ED352C Professional Focus 2: Philosophy with Children

PH1010 Logic 1

PH1306 Logic 2

PH1019 Reason and Argument

PH2012 Philosophy of Language