Dr Elspeth Edelstein

Dr Elspeth Edelstein
Dr Elspeth Edelstein
Dr Elspeth Edelstein

BA (Hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer

Accepting PhDs



I received a B.A. with First Class Honours in Linguistics from McGill University in 2007, and completed a Ph.D in Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh in 2012. Having done various teaching at Edinburgh and Aberdeen during my time as a postgraduate and after, I became a Lecturer in Linguistics at Aberdeen in autumn 2013.

I do research in theoretical syntax; my doctoral dissertation looked at restrictions on the syntactic distribution of adverbs, and I won the Richard M. Hogg Prize in 2013 for a paper on this topic. I work as well on morphosyntactic variation, which speaks to the importance of using evidence from ‘Non-Standard’ linguistic varieties to enrich our understanding of syntactic structure. To this effect, I published a chapter on constructions such as The car needs washed, used in Scotland and the American Midlands, in 2014. More recently I have been collaborating with colleagues in Computing Science on optimising Internet-based collection of grammaticality judgments (see here and here for some discussion). I also have a strong personal interest in first language acquisition.

My book English Syntax: A Minimalist Account of Structure and Variation is now available from Edinburgh University Press.


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Accepting PhDs

I am currently accepting PhDs in Linguistics.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your research ideas further.

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Accepting PhDs

Research Specialisms

  • Linguistics
  • English Language

Our research specialisms are based on the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which is HESA open data, published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.



Non-course Teaching Responsibilities

 I am a personal tutor in the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture.


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