Dr Daria Shapovalova

Dr Daria Shapovalova
Dr Daria Shapovalova

Dr Daria Shapovalova


Accepting PhDs


Room D48, School of Law, Taylor Building, Old Aberdeen, AB24 3UB


Daria is a lecturer in energy law and the co-director of the Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law. She joined the Law School as a lecturer in January 2017. Prior to that, Daria carried out PhD research at the University of Aberdeen. Daria's main research interests are in energy, environmental law and human rights. Her current research focuses on the climate change and energy law, indigenous rights, and the effectiveness of international law. Daria holds an LLB (National Law Academy of Ukraine, 2012) and an LLM in Public International Law (University of Groningen, 2013). She gained professional experience in energy consultancy and legal practice. Daria has published extensively on environmental and energy governance, and acts as an academic peer reviewer for journals in international and energy law. Daria is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is a member of the UK Environmental Law Association, World Commission of Environmental Law, and International Law Association. 

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships

Co-Director Aberdeen University Centre for Energy Law

Athena SWAN member of the self-assessment team

Deputy Director for Marketing and Student Recruitment

External Memberships

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

External Exmainer - University of Bedfordshire, Strathclyde University

Member of the International Law Association, IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law, UK Environmental Law Association

Member of the Advisory Board of the Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine


Research Overview

Public International Law

International Environmental Law

Indigenous Rights

Energy Law

Arctic Governance

Effectiveness of Intenrational Environmental Agreements

Oil Spill Prevention, Preparedness and Response Regulation

Research Areas

Accepting PhDs

I am currently accepting PhDs in Law.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your research ideas further.

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Accepting PhDs

Current Research

Daria’s main research interests are in how the regulation of the energy sector can help protect the environment and human rights. She has published extensively on the environmental and human rights impacts of oil and gas production, including studies on the Arctic region and on indigenous rights in Guyana. Daria is currently working on a manuscript on fossil fuels phase out in light of climate and energy law.

Funding and Grants


'Cold Connections: The Socio-Legal Natures of Submarine Cable Infrastructures in the Arctic’ (funded by the British Acdemy, 2019-2021)



Team member - AHRC Network Grant Science Based Regulation of Arctic Installations (https://www.scibarinstallations.org.uk/)


Teaching Responsibilities



LS5594 - Downstream Energy Law (coordinator)

LS501U- International Law in Time of Challenges (coordinator)

LS401Y - Advanced Public International Law/Advocacy (coordinator)

LS501C- International Energy and Envrionmental Law (coordinator)

EG552S - Renewable Energy Law (coordinator)

LS501H - Low Carbon Energy Transition: Renewable Energy Law 

LS2032 - Public International Law

LS551A - Principles of Environmental Regulation 

LS3531 - Energy Law

SX1015 - Oceans and Society

Non-course Teaching Responsibilities

Daria supervises research students in international, environmental, energy, and climate law.

Currently she supervises PhD students:

Alina Holzhausen, Human Rights-Based Climate Change Litigation (first supervisor)

Liliyana Kalinova, On the Provision of Envionmental Law for Mars (second supervisor)


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Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings

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