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Professor Angela Black

Professor Angela Black




After completing a PhD, my first full time academic appointment began in 1994 with the University of St. Andrews. Thereafter, I joined the University of Aberdeen and was appointed Professor of Finance in 2003. I specialise in teaching business finance, corporate finance, investment analysis, international finance and portfolio analysis; and have taught these subjects on undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA programmes. Currently, I am teaching Corporate Finance on the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics.

I enjoy working closely with finance professionals and have been a pension trustee and an investment adviser to professional boards; I have also chaired charitable trust committees. My research interests lie in the area of asset pricing, corporate finance and the relationship between stock markets and the "real" economy.

Publications include more than 26 research papers in peer reviewed journals and have I written articles on personal finance for the media. My work has been cited in the Financial Times. Editorial responsibilities include associate editor for the Journal of Banking and Finance, the International Review of Finance and the British Accounting Review.

I have presented papers at many conferences in locations across the world and I have been an external examiner for many universities, including, Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Dublin, Barcelona, Western Australia and assessor in other roles, such as Chairs in Finance. From, 2005-2008 I was the graduate school director for the college of arts and social sciences and from 2008 to 2012, I was head of the business school.

I am passionate about teaching, learning and research in finance and continually seek methods that promote engagement with students, the profession and the public.


Research Overview

My focus is on the links between financial markets and the real economy and I seek answers to questions about the reasons why prices of assets vary over time. Methodological approaches include time-series and cross-sectional data analysis.  Key words:  asset pricing; econometric analysis; risk aversion; risk premia; discount rates; excess volatility.

Current Research

Current research projects include:

Forecasting rates of return and time varying risk premiums.

Dividend payouts or share repurchases; the impact on pensions.

Investment strategies for non-investors.


Teaching Responsibilities

I coordinate and teach Corporate Finance on the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics.


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