PC Clusters

PC clusters are available at the east end of Floor 3 (6 PCs), the east end of floor 2 (12 PCs). There is also 2 PCs on floor 1 which have height adjustable tables .  

Project Room 1 on the Ground Floor  has 6 PCs which may be used by individuals when the room is not booked.


PC Classrooms

There are 2 PC classrooms in the library. CR3 is on the top floor and has 10 PCs and an MFD,  CR2 is on the ground floor and has 20 PCs and an A3 black and white MFD. There is also a small classroom on floor 2 which has 8 PCs. 

When not being used for teaching purposes, the computers in these classrooms are open access and may be used for individual working.